Eske sevre Bedjine ak Kdilak tout bon vre

By | January 17, 2021

The rescue operation was made difficult due to the reef itself, the position and precarious condition of the boat and the prevailing sea conditions.It is believed that the boat originated from Haiti. The persons on board are suspected irregular migrants.135 males and 24 females are currently in the custody of the Immigration Department.

The entire operation was incident free. Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting said, « Today demonstrated an extraordinary level of teamwork, leadership and collaboration between the RT&CIPF Commanders, Marine Branch, colleagues from DECR, members of the TCI marine community and the US Coastguard as 159 people were rescued from a very dangerous situation. Whatever the purpose of the journey and the intentions of those on board, their boat struck the reef causing damage to the boat and they needed help.

In response, many people stepped up to successfully rescue all those on board showing courage, humanity and professionalism ». Commissioner Botting added, « All those involved deserve great credit; thanks for what they achieved today. I am very proud of my team but also proud of all who played a part in this rescue. I especially want to thank the members of the TCI marine community who answered the call to support us. Your efforts are truly appreciated« .

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